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Shocking Email Newsletters

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Email Newsletters for B2B Houston Businesses

There are so many, but which one do you choose?  Although I offer many online marketing services in Houston, I am frequently asked if I offer an email newsletter service.

I hate to turn down business, but I have never been convinced that email newsletters work.

I know social media, blogs, and SEO, if done correctly, work very well. Since I love people and enjoy helping them, I passionately offer them to my contacts. They will bring business for my clients, whether I train my clients to do them or I they hire me to manage them.

Today in a social media group, I asked the question “What is the percentage of the email newsletters that you receive in your Inbox that you read every word?” The most common answer was 1 out of 10.

About a month ago, I was at a network meeting and asked the leader if I could do a quick focus group exercise. My question was, “How many of you read 70% of the email newsletters that you  receive?”  No one responded positively. We continued to discuss the subject until Neitra Blair, owner and founder of Organizing Lifestyles, spoke up.  She told us that she sent out very simple email newsletters.

I got on her email newsletter mailing list and received a shocking newsletter! There was a nice size interesting image and lo and behold… the actual text for her helpful organizing tip took up less space on the newsletter than her image.

My negative opinion about newsletters went up in a puff of smoke! I always believed that newsletters were a plausible way to stay in front of contacts but the annoyance factor of the typical long email newsletter trumped that away.

Now, I am offering a newsletter service and I am sure that I will be one of the best email marketing services in Houston because my clients will be sending out shockingly short, informative, actionable applauded newsletters that their contacts will be happy to read and share!!

Shocking! Just shocking!

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