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About Houston B2B Network

Visitors may visit one time free after their application email  has been approved.  

Houston B2B Network – Mission Statement… We facilitate professionals who sell only to businesses to grow their bottom line. 

How? HB2BN provides…

  1. A network comprised of only people who sell to businesses as opposed to individuals, families and consumers.
  2. Exclusivity for each industry seat.
  3. A one hour meeting every two weeks.
  4. A venue for members to understand each other’s businesses in order to be able to recognize and share qualified referrals. These referrals can be in the form of potential clients or referral partners (individuals sharing their target market without being direct competitors).
  5. A venue for members to share professional challenges that they are facing in order for fellow members to assist them in masterminding their issues.
  6. A venue for members to learn from each other. For instance, systems and tools that they have implemented in their business which have helped their productivity, sales, marketing, etc.
  7. Exposure in the form of blogs which will contain their contact information on the HB2BN website.
  8. Opportunities to offer and receive optional discounts and referral fees from other members
  9. A standardized email introduction template assuring easy warm calls or emails.
  10. Very reasonable fees along with strict member screening