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Network Houston B2B

If you sell ONLY  to businesses and NEVER to individuals, families or consumers, and are NOT associated with any MLM companies, we invite you to send an email to info@houstonb2bnetwork.com with your name, phone number, email address, company website address and a description of your products and services and we will get back to you as to whether you will be permitted to visit HB2BN.

This is an industry exclusive group. 

You must be approved before visiting. You may visit one time free before joining if there is no member currently selling your product or service. If you send the email and are approved,  and someone else who sells your type of product or service applies you will get the first right of refusal to join. If neither of you joins, you may both visit once free. 

You will be contacted by email when your email is received.

If your request to visit has been approved, you may visit one time without paying a fee.

After you have been approved, you may reserve your product/service exclusive space in the Houston B2B Network. You may pay for your three months, six months, or twelve membership by clicking here or make an arrangement to pay in-person at least 48 hours before you attend your second meeting. We meet every other week and you must attend four out of six meetings in order for your membership to remain current. There are no membership refunds.