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What now?

Houston B2B Meeting

  1. We have joined HB2BN to get referrals.

  2. Keeping in touch with each other at the meetings and by having coffee or a meal, connecting on social media and just checking in with each other on off weeks helps us stay top of mind with each other.

  3. We give referrals to each other without expecting referrals back from the same person immediately or ever. We are a team helping each other. Whether we believe in the Bible, in karma, or other philosophies of givers get, we understand that good comes to those who give to others. 

  4. We make our relationships meaningful by thinking outside of the box of how to do things for each other in addition to just passing referrals. 

  5. We get to know each other well enough to know what is important to us as individuals. 

  6. We show appreciation for referrals by keeping each other in the loop as far as to the outcome of the referrals and let each other know that we appreciate other niceties that we do for each other. 

  7. We understand that small gestures of help are sometimes just as meaningful as larger ones. 

  8. We show up at meetings not just to see what we can “get” but to see how we can help.

  9. We have fun at our meetings and are transparent as opposed to trying to impress with masks and facades. 

  10. We are Houston B2B Network!