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Houston B2B Network… Finally!

Houston B2B Network, Finally!

Houston B2B Network… Finally!

Houston has hundreds of networking opportunities. Why do we need a B2B network? Well, let’s start out with the definition. B2B means “business to business.” That means that a business that is a B2B business only sells to businesses, not to consumers.

The vision for Houston B2B Network is about fifteen to twenty B2B people siting around a table and taking it to the street.  Not just bonding, but helping each other build their businesses including, but going way beyond just passing referrals.   B2B people who talk to business decision makers all the time. These are people whose clients are ALL business decision makers!

There are some great networking groups in Houston, but when I Googled Houston B2B to find a fit for me, all I saw was a non-active website and Facebook page.

Yes, it will be a new group, and yes it may take some time for people to know, like and trust each other, but… I have plans.  I have always been a little rebellious, but that takes creativity.

I hope you will join me and make this a network group like no other. I believe and you might as well get used to this… that God has given me some unique ideas that are going to work. Why God? Because I am just not that bright!

Don’t worry this is not going to be a “religious” group, but as much as people in this city give credit to “the universe,” I might as well mention God (who created the universe) when he is in the context of my sharing.

That being said, as the Seinfeld bunch would say, “yada yada yada,” just come become a part of a successful VERY unique group… in reality, not just in word.

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