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Iris Salmins

Name:  Iris Salmins

E-mail: iris@sitesbyiris.com

Phone Number:  713-973-5707

Finder’s Fee: 15% for CPA’s, Business Coaches, IT companies. For other industries $100 for every referral of $1000+

Member Discount: 15% of published prices. 

Email Introduction Blurb:  Iris helps businesses with embarrassing, ineffective, or non-existent online presences to increase their sales.  Her marketing firm Sites by Iris offers social media, search engine optimization, websites, newsletters, blogging and relationship marketing. Iris’s firm will manage any or all of those for you or train you or your staff to do them yourselves.  She has 23 LinkedIn client recommendations. 

Preferred Clients: Companies with 1 to 15 employees. No eCommerce unless they or their staff can be trained to add items and descriptions themselves

Preferred Referral Partners: CPA’s,E Business Coaches, IT companies, website developers, social media services, newsletter services.