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Houston B2B Network

Members, of course, share hot leads with each other when they hear about individuals who can use their fellow members’ business or service, but their primary emphasis is to introduce each other to referral partners.  

Referral partners are people who for various reasons would be able to share multiple referrals with a member. Generally, these are people whose target market is the same as the member’s but are not their competitors. 

The members meet every other week and review specifics and updates about each other’s business. They bond as they participate in networking exercises.

You may click on our current members’ names for more information. 

Jim Boland
Toni Burns
David Cohen
Madelyn Feinberg
Dhanya Grero
Lawrence Hackney
Tameka Young-Finister
Todd Kubecka

Morris Lasris

Mike Mangan
Mike McGaha
Yota Papadopulos
Joe Robbins
Iris Salmins