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Yota Papadopulos

Name: Yota Paapadopulos

Email:   yotap@oreondesigngroup.com

Phone Number: 713-204-8831

Finder’s Fee:
5% (+/-) on a case by case basis

Member Discount:
10% (+/-) on a case by case basis
1st Consultation Free

Email Introduction Blurb:
Yota is the architectural designer/owner of Design-Build, a firm which provides professional services for architectural and engineering jobs or projects ranging from commercial craftsmen to residential new and/or remodel construction.

Preferred Clients:
Brokers; Investors, Contractors, Business Owners, Realtors
Anyone who needs an Architect, Engineer or Contractor to build their business

Preferred Referral Partners:
Realtors, Signage Companies, Business Owners, Bankers, Sub Contractors